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Age only matters if
you are a cheese or a wine

Welcome to Vinicore

Our Gastrobar is specially designed to create a warm and welcoming environment, so that our clients feel as comfortable as possible while they taste a good wine, or enjoy our Iberian cheese and sausage platters.

In addition, our waiters offer an exquisite and personalized treatment to the client at all times, informing them of our tastings, tastings and our most recommended products and news.


At Vinicore Gastrobar you will find a wide variety of Wines served by the Glass, so you can taste and enjoy our best "broths" while having one of our homemade tapas, or enjoying a good chat with your friends.

Among our range of wines we offer you young, reserve or crianza reds, soft whites on the palate, or low-alcohol sparkling wines, so you can choose the one you like best. In addition, we serve you your Wine at the optimum temperature for its consumption.

Prepare your palate and enjoy the best of each winery, participating in our Tastings and tastings of the best wines from our Gastrobar.


At Vinicore Gastrobar you can try Iberian sausages boards while having a glass of wine with your partner, friends or family, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Disponemos de tablas de salchichón, morcón ibérico, chorizo, lomo y jamón ibérico para que pruebes las mejores tapas de nuestro Gastrobar mientras tomas un buen vino o una refrescante cerveza.

Enjoy all the flavor of our assortments of top quality Iberian sausages, and indulge your palate with the best and most select products from our land.


At Vinicore Gastrobar we have a wide variety of Artisan Cheeses made with top quality raw milk.

Enjoy a varied and select table of cured, semi-cured, or fresh artisan cheeses, while you accompany your tapa with a good wine or a refreshing beer.

Our cheeses stand out for their strict selection process and their adequate curing period, to bring to your palate the most exquisite flavors of the best cheeses from our land.

Our Menu

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Our Store

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In Vinicore you can taste a wide variety of Infusions and Coffees, so you can enjoy the best aromas and flavors of our Gastrobar

Coffee time will become an excellent opportunity to try a wide range of new and exotic flavors that will not leave even the most select palates indifferent.

Now we also offer you the best organic coffee, so that in addition to enjoying the best coffee aromas and flavors, you can also do so while taking care of your health and the environment.

Come with your partner, friends, or family, and enjoy a most welcoming atmosphere while having a good coffee or infusion accompanied by a peaceful conversation.


At Vinicore Gastrobar we have a wide variety of beers of all styles and for all tastes. We have blonde, toasted and black beers, both wheat and barley.

On our menu you'll also find Craft Beer made with traditional fermentation techniques, and also the most exquisite imported beers so that you can taste the best flavors of international beers.

Enjoy your beer accompanying it with one of our Iberian cheese and sausage tapas, while listening to relaxing music or chatting with your friends in a most relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.